KIDS RISE for Grades K-2!

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During the 2021-2022 school year, the DOE introduced the first ever scholarship program, that came with donations from their school system for then Kindergarteners. NYC Kids Rise is a vehicle to help you save for your child's future and is now open to all current children in grades Kindergarten to 2nd grade. 
In addition to helping you make it easier to open a 529 savings plan for your child's education, they are depositing money into the account every time you pass a step in their sign up process. For instance, activating this account is just a few clicks of a button away, and when you complete that, the DOE will make an initial $25.00 deposit. As they walk you through the steps online, they will match up to $100.00 in the savings account. 
Please make sure to click HERE to sign up.
For even more information from the DOE, click HERE.
You will need your personal information as well as your child's OSIS (School ID number), located on your child's report cards or in your NYCSA.
Please contact us at 718-292-2237 if you need assistance.